Types of Dental Crowns, Which To Choose | Hampton IA

When it comes to choosing dental crowns to repair a damaged tooth, there are several dental materials that you can choose from. However, porcelain-fused-to-metal is arguably the most common material because of its unique combination of mechanical strength and aesthetic results. In addition, it’s said to be of an acceptable biologic quality that is needed …

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Invisalign Treatment in Hampton IA – How It Works

Invisalign is quickly becoming one of the popular ways for teens and adults to straighten their teeth and correct a myriad of other bite and orthodontic issues. Invisalign treatment uses a different approach to straighten teeth. Rather than using metal braces, the trained dentist uses a series of clear, plastic, custom-made aligners to gradually move …

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dental cleaning

Why Teeth Cleanings in Hampton IA are Vital To Your Health

Studies show that as many as 90% of adults experience some form of periodontal disease at one point in their lives. Gum disease is caused by the unchecked build-up of bacteria in your mouth. In severe cases, the bacteria can get into your bloodstream and make its way to various body tissues and exacerbates diabetes, …

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dental implant

Who Is A Good Candidate for Dental Implants? Hampton IA

If you have lost most or all of your teeth due to advanced gum disease or decay, it will become nearly impossible to maintain the function of your mouth, whether it’s eating or speaking properly. Your smile will also be affected. In such a case, your dentist may recommend a tooth replacement solution such as …

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dental crowns

Dental Crowns Treatment in Hampton IA

Dental crowns are custom-made tooth restorations that are designed to cap the entire surface of a weakened tooth in order to strengthen it. Dental crowns are permanent. As such, they’re carefully designed using impressions of the damaged tooth to ensure that the size and shape of the crown matches that of the original natural tooth. …

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Invisalign For Overbites Near Me, Hampton IA

An overbite occurs when your top and bottom front teeth overlap. This condition can be hereditary, though it can also be caused by unhealthy oral habits such as tongue thrusting, thumbsucking, or nail biting, as well as a malformed jaw. Though most people have an overbite to some extent, which is in the healthy range …

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smile makeoer

Who Needs a Smile Makeover? | Hampton IA

No two smiles are alike. Similarly, each smile makeover plan is custom-made to include a combination of treatments that will address your unique issues, needs, and goals. Generally, a smile makeover is beneficial to anyone looking to improve the health and overall appearance of their smile. Studies show that healthy and sparkling white teeth make …

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teeth whitening

What to Expect with Teeth Whitening in Hampton IA

Your smile is your most distinct feature when interacting with people. But over time with aging, the use of tobacco products, drinking colored beverages like wine and coffee, using some spices, taking antibiotics like tetracycline, consuming excess fluoride in water, and other factors can cause your teeth to discolor or darken, affecting the appearance of …

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dental veneers

What to Expect with Dental Veneers in Hampton IA

Dental veneers refer to an ultra-thin layer of tooth-colored material that is bonded over the facial surface of your front teeth to correct minor, aesthetic dental issues such as uneven tooth spacing or alignment, worn tooth enamel, chipped or broken teeth, cracks, and tooth discoloration.  The Preliminary Appointment  Before veneer placement, you will consult your …

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tooth-colored dental fillings

Silver vs. Tooth-Colored Dental Filling Materials? | Hampton IA

There are several types of dental filling materials, including silver fillings and white fillings. Tooth-colored or white dental fillings refer to dental filling materials that match the shade of your natural teeth, such that it’s virtually impossible to differentiate a restored tooth from your other teeth. They are typically made from a “composite” of plastic …

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